Journal - The Best Opencart Template yet

The Best Opencart Template yet – Journal

As you can imagine CoolPenguin has developed a number of shops using Opencart and WordPress.

Often we will purchase an Opencart Template from Theme Forest on behalf of the user.

This not only speeds up development, but of course allows the user to get a look and feel for the shop very early on.

CoolPenguin is not affiliated with themeforest or any of the templates sold, but we do feel we should mention just how good Journal for Opencart is!

Journal - Opencart Template

Why is Journal for Opencart so good? Here’s why -

1) Firstly is affordable (let’s be honest $48 for a supported theme to bring your Opencart shop to life is not expensive. Imagine developing your own theme. It is arguably more flexible, but you have to deal with bug fixes and customer support.

2) Tried and tested, the number speak for themselves. Nearly 6000 sales and a rating of 4.89 out of 5 (98%).  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Journal - Opencart Template


3) Range of Demos – Look at the range of demos available – without tweaking a thing you have 10, yes 10 designs you can choose from and role out immediately.

10 Journal Demos


4) Documentation for the demos! – Yes DigitalAtelier has actually produced documentation for each of them demos and discusses how the pages have been made up.

See the Journal Support Documentation for demos – here

5) Well documented – The documentation in general is very good and the chaps there even added to it when we suggested something was lacking.

6) The module interface, look and feel – If you’ve seen the documentation, then you’ve seen the Journal Opencart Interface. Yes that’s true, their documentation is structure in the exact same way the module is. This makes it very easy to navigate.

7) The module interface, ease of use – you do not have to be a developer or code guru to get your Opencart shop working. Journal does all of the heavy lifting for you. You simply add your products, banners, categories and Journal asks you where you would like to put them.

8) And, their fabulous support. Don’t get me wrong they could benefit from a knowledge base or bbs to reduce their workload but my gosh, how good is their support. Remember how much you paid for their template (a mere $48) and those guys will do everything they can to get your shop working.

Seriously, we highly recommended The Journal Opencart template, and would gladly use it on on future Opencart projects.

“Five Stars from CoolPenguin Web Design -”

Journal Opencart Template - Five Stars from CoolPenguin


Here is an Opencart Shop using the Journal Template – LED Lamps UK 

Twitter The Best 140 Characters Ever

The Best 140 Characters Ever!

How can you make the most of your 140 Characters?

140 Characters isn’t a lot to promote your business.

So CoolPenguin felt it was time to share some key points on how to get the most out of Twitter for your business.

1) Choose a Twitter Name that is brand relevant and easy to remember.

Ours is @coolpenguinsays but to be fair if it hadn’t been taken we’d have gone for @coolpenguin.

2) Get rid of the egg and ensure your logo is used on Twitter. Don’t forget to add a cool title card as well. It is important to create brand consistency across your social media platforms.

3) Start a soon as you can, Twitter is not going anywhere.

4) Consider the boundaries of your posts, humour is good, but it can detract from your business aim. Try and create a good balance as all your tweets should not be about pushing sales.

5) Speak in proper English. Remember speaking like “c u l8tr” can create the wrong image for your business and while it saves you space it isn’t clear to everyone.

6) Twitter Karma – favourite relevant and entertaining tweets and retweet those tweets that can enhance your account. It is hoped that others with do the same for you.

7) Learn the structure of the language of twitter –

Use #hashtags to join a conversation about a specific topic

Use @coolpenguinsays to feature a specific Twitter user, or to message them directly

8) Use one or two #hashtags per tweet. Even with a low number of followers, hashtags take your tweet into a conversation for everyone looking at that topic. Maximum Exposure!

One hashtag we use is #Derby as it is where we are based. So if we have something going on locally we always use #Derby and we are surprised by the number of retweets we get.

9) Promote your Twitter handle as you would your email address. Add it to business cards, email signatures and all marketing material.

10) Be regular, but be relevant. Don’t use Twitter spuriously throwing out junk or only retweets. Create a balance between retweets and original material.

11) Link Facebook and Twitter. Yes Twitter can update your Facebook feed as well! Halve the work promoting relevant content.

12) Be social, respond to direct messages and thank people for following. It’s a chance to promote your services further and show you are human.

13) Thank your customers, and promote them if you can. A great way to network.

14) Make is shorter! Yes, try and get the length down and the content more striking.

15) Make every word count. Use words that show an action or make an impact. Avoid filler words, such as “which”

16) Don’t break up Tweets. If it needs to be longer get it on a blog.

17) It’s not all about you, get involved in your local community and relevant industry debates

18) Grammar does count, use upper and lower case and don’t be afraid to use appropriate symbols, like replacing “and” with “&” to save space

19) Don’t commit anything subjective, slanderous or illegal to a Tweet. We’ve all seen what happens to the occasional footballer. If you think it can cause offence, it will. The Twitttersphere is big and fickle.

20) Use images appropriately, they can really lift your tweets and make them stand out. A picture’s worth…. yadda yadda yadda (always wanted to say that)


So what’s a good Tweet? It’s hard to say, but we can show you good structure –

This is us promoting a customer’s services, while telling you that we wrote their website –

#derby #derbyis – need to replace your #lights with #LEDbulbs try we did their #website



This is a Tweet where we included an image –

#derby #business – did you all see our new #LogoDesign. Can you spot the hidden #penguin? Choose us for #webdesign RT




See here for the most effective tweets ever written  (But if you really want to see something funny (adult humour) look at James Blunts best Twitter Comebacks!)

Until the next time, CoolPenguin.

Is your Wordpress site at risk?

Managing WordPress – Is your WordPress Site Vulnerable?

News – WordPress Risks: Over half the WordPress installations in the world are more than 3 major versions out of date.

Wordpress Versions - Half of the World's WordPress Installations are out of date!

WordPress is arguably the largest dynamic CMS platform available today and it shows no signs of slowing down. Combined with over 30,000 existing WordPress Plugins managing WordPress can be tricky for those with limited web design knowledge.

A great deal of our work is now producing WordPress sites like –

However should the role of the third party web designer stop once the site has been handed over?

We would argue, NOT!

Updating WordPress can be tricky, as can be adding content, especially if your business is not big enough to warrant hiring an in-house web designer.

Presently, we offer support contracts from as little as £360 per year to give you peace of mind, ensuring your website is up-to-date and working properly.

The contract doesn’t just cover software updates, we effectively act as your web designer for 2 hours every month (and let’s be fair if it slips a little over, we stay on it). We cover adding new content, reporting on site statistics and so much more.

If you’re interest about a website support contract read more here – Website Support Contracts in the East midlands and beyond.

Remember outdated software is the number one reason WordPress sites get hacked, but if you don’t know much about WordPress, how can you tell if you’re up to date?

Let us manage your site for you, a cheap cost effective method for ensuring your website is managed and support for the forthcoming year ahead.

£360 to ensure your business is appropriately represented on the Internet, this has to be so much cheaper than a web designer’s salary……….

email –


Free Under Construction Templates

12 Free Under Construction Templates for You Website

Recently, we custom built an under construction page for Dental and it got us thinking. We thought about the loss of the work and the once beautiful under construction page.

This is what it looked like for the brief time it existed –

Under Contruction Pages built by CoolPenguin

We also added it to our Pinterest Board with much of our other work.

With the loss of the 155 UNR under construction work, we thought we’d share these templates to ensure that you can mimimise the investment of time in what is effectively a temporary website.

Free Under Construction Templates


Alissa comes with image slideshow, countdown timer, form validation and social icons. Take a look at the live demo.

Demo | Download

Free Under Construction Templates

Ego Cafe

A swanky design with an opening date

Demo | Download

Free Under Construction Templates


So Simple, just change the background design and this would work for your business.

Demo | Download

Free Under Construction Templates


Great to promote Apps. Just drop your branding in the Iphone graphic and voila

Demo | Download

Free Under Construction Templates


A fully responsive free, under construction site

Demo | Download

Free Under Construction Templates


Soon is a free fully responsive coming soon template.

Demo | Download

Free Under Construction Templates


Modern style coming soon template aimed at future e-commerce websites

Demo | Download

Free Under Construction Templates


A very cool, modern styled, responsive under construction template

Demo | Download

Free Under Construction Templates

Blue Horizons

You’ve all seen this before, a clean coming soon page that looks great

Demo | Download

Free Under Construction Templates

Dark Night

Fancy something moodier, just look at the elegent simplicity of Dark Night

Demo | Download

Free Under Construction Templates


Sapling, might be a no, as this is a coming soon page built in Flash

Demo | Download

Free Under Construction Templates


Miapp is built with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. It’s awesome. Take a look.

Demo | Download

To be fair, while writing this we found 50 free under construction templates here

All the best CoolPenguin

2000 Facebook Likes for First Steps Derbyshire

1200 hits and 2000 Facebook Likes and Counting!

We’re really pleased to announce that our customer for web design and seo – have just reached 2000 Facebook likes and are now receiving 1200 hits per month!

Their website is going from Stength to Strength and we are really very proud to have worked on this project. Take a look at this eating disorders website and you can see it has a blog, shop and a calendar all of which can be edited by the customer.

If you would like something similar or would just like an informal chat about your web design needs just get in touch today.


Wow, 1100 hits and rising!

CoolPenguin is very proud to announce that is now receiving over 1100 hits per month!

This shows the importance of good quality websites with regular updates.

CoolPenguin were exceptionally pleased to modernise Your Health’s online presence – we took their old website as shown here –

Your Health Ltd - old website

And created the website you see here –

Your Health Ltd - old website

The old site was not complete and despite its good lucks was not easy to use. Yourhealth asked us if we could do better and according to Zoe we did –

“Working with CoolPenguin Web Design has been a pleasure, we are very pleased with the website and the ongoing support they provide.”

A bit about the new website -

Users can access a wealth of information from the site including photos of their homes and surroundings, full descriptions of the services they provide and the Domiciliary Care Service provided by ENA Carecall Ltd.

They are passionate about care. Each of their Nursing and Residential Homes has a link to the CQC web site, and their latest report. There users can access information from the commission about all aspects of care, and the CQC inspector’s views and opinions of the services they provide.

Project Requirements

The Your Health site, while adequate, was static, small on the screen and outdated. The site needed many more pages, some animation and needed to be more engaging for the user

  • Clear branding and service message
  • A replacement site
  • Inclusion of animation but not Adobe Flash
  • Tabulated sub sections for each of the care homes
  • A care home selector on the home page
  • An email a resident feature
  • Excellent precedence, the site had to be clear, guiding the eye to the relevant areas of the site

We would be more than happy to work on another website like this, or create something similar for your business.


SEO Sucess in Derby - Matthew Ling Photography

More SEO Success in Derby

Once again we are very proud to showcase our results. Only a couple of months ago did Matthew approach us to help improve his ranking in Google. Like so many of our customers with excellent websites Matthew Ling Photography  wanted to know how to rank more highly in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Matthew Ling Photography Derby

We asked Matthew for a number of keywords and then using our tried and tested SEO skills we set to work.

We now have this excellent website ranking for a number of those keywords and aim to carry on promoting such an excellent business.

For example, feel free to test our results.

Type Architectural Photography in Derby into Google and you will see Matthew’s site ranks either position 1 or 2.

How about rank one in Bing? Matt’s site is now the number one ranking site in Bing for the phrases – Event photographer Derby and Event photographer in Derby. Yes rank 1, these are tests to can perform yourself of course.

We will continue to promote his site using a wide variety of keywords such as Commercial Photography in Derby.

Here is what Matt said about us –

“Great, friendly service for SEO and Web Design work with almost instant results. Highly recommended!”

Matt Ling
Matthew Ling Photography

Got some phrases in mind? Why not get in touch with us today. We use our SEO services to get you where you want to be in the top performing search engines in the UK.