CSS Tips - Class or ID

CSS – Class or ID?

It’s an old one but we still get asked –

People are often confused by class and id in CSS. The simple rule is id is for a CSS rule used only once and class is used for a css rule that is required more than once.

(Remember in CSS a class statement always starts with . and id starts with #)


Use an id for elements that are used once and only once on a page


1 <div id=”content”></div>

The CSS:

1 #content {background: #fff}


Use a class for elements that may be reused on the page


1 <p class=”large-text”>
2 </p>

The CSS:

1 .large-text {font-size: 1.4em}
SEO Success Stories in Derby

SEO Success Stories in Derby

Well, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to combine the legend that is Bill Murray with our recent SEO success story.

In this article we are discussing the successes for avectura.co.uk and their SEO success in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Just test it and find out.

We stand by our excellent SEO results in Derby.

Avectura - Wedding Cars | Chauffeurs | Airport Transfers

Avectura are a Derby based company who specialise in Airport Transfers, Professional Chauffeur hire, Executive Cars and Wedding Cars.

“Avectura, based in Derby, East Midlands, delivers professional, airport transfers in Derby (and UK Wide) / airport taxis chauffeur hire services to both individual and corporate clients, Wedding Day Cars and Exclusive Courier Services.

Our lead vehicle is the stylish Audi A6 and is driven by the company proprietor. Tony has 15 years of experience in the private hire industry and is a classically trained chauffeur.”
Go to Google, Yahoo or Bing and use these keywords and just see where Avectura ranks –

Airport Transfers Derby

Airport Transfer in Derby

Chauffeurs Derby

Chauffeurs in Derby

Chauffeur Hire Derby

We are also working on Wedding Cars Derby and Executive Cars Derby as well.

Avectura - Wedding Cars

Please use CoolPenguin for SEO and Avectura for your personal transportation requirements.

Click on the image to see the Avectura entry in our portfolio –

See Avectura in our portfolio



Eating Disorder Charity Exceeds 1100 hits per month

1100 Hits Per Month for FirstSteps

CoolPenguin is very proud to announce that firststepsderbyshire.co.uk is now receiving over 1100 hits per month!

This shows the importance of Eating Disorder Support in Derbyshire and beyond.

As Derby’s only eating disorder charity, Coolpenguin was very proud to work on the brand new First Steps website.

We found the staff at First Steps very welcoming and the facilities excellent. As with most projects we learned a great deal about their services to Derby’s community through the meetings we had and the information they provided.

If we had any concerns regarding another persons eating habits or changes to their physical appearance, we would not hesitate to recommend our friends and family to First Steps.

First Steps, not only cater for suffers themselves but, for those that have to support anyone suffering with an eating disorder.

As a charity First Steps relies on donations and of course need to raise their profile in Derby. So please visit the website like their facebook page and follow them on twitter. Remember one day someone you know may need their help, and I for one would gladly recommend them.

The website itself was design in WordPress. It is fully responsive (mobile ready), has a shop for training events for professionals, a calendar and of course a blog.

We would be more than happy to work on another charity website, or create something similar for your business.


10 Free Online Web Design Tools

10 Free online tools for aspiring web designers

We felt it was time to say thank you to all of those people who have created online tools to make web design easier. Here is a list of tools we regularly use when developing new websites. We would love to see people add tools to this list to create an online resource for others to use –

1) downforeveryoneorjustme.com - For checking a website is up

Talk about a self explanatory domain name! This website is the pinnacle of simplicity. if you think your site is not working, but you’re unsure if it’s a local issue, this site will test your website to see if it’s down for everyone or just you.

2) web-site-map.com - For creating a sitemap

Another handy tool, still not sure what a sitemap is? But you know you need it for SEO! Let this tool do the work for you. Just enter your url and away you go. Then upload the sitemap.xml to the root of your website using ftp or a file manager.

3) validator.w3.org/checklink - For Checking Broken Links

Broken links can negatively affect your position in Google and prove very frustrating for the user Experience. We appreciate that a manual check of links on growing websites in not feasible. Therefore, use a tool like this to work through the links on your website to ensure that the destination pages are still online.

4) convertico.com - For Creating Favicons

So you’ve created a lovely png or jpg to use as your favicon. You’re just not sure how to make it a .ico. Well don’t fear simply upload the file to this wonderful online service and hey presto you have your ico.

5) mcanerin.com – For creating a robots.txt

Well you’ve already got a sitemap, so now you need a robots.txt. Use this online tool to create another important file that helps your site work better with google and SEO.

6) dropbox.com – For sharing large or many files

Free online tools - Dropbox

It’s hard not to mention such an impressive free tool that has definitely established itself as essential in the last few years. Dropbox allows you to avoid issues with mailbox or attachment limitations. You simply upload your  files to dropbox and share the link with the recipient. It’s a great tool for moving information over the Internet.

7) iwebchk.com – For a quick SEO overview of your site

Free Online SEO report

One of the last truly free SEO reports available on the Internet. While it may not be as detailed as other more famous SEO report tools, iwebchk provides great insights on your website and how it feels the site could be improved to work better with search engines such as Google. it also provides a good overview of your social media presence.

8) paletton.com – For selecting Website Colour Schemes

Probably not as famous nor as complex as other tools such as the jquery theme roller paletton is a great little simple tool for research colours to use on your website.

9) smallseotools.com – A Collection of free SEO Tools

A collection of free Small SEO Tools

We’ve spoilt you with number nine as Small SEO tools offers a great range of free SEO tools. From keyword postion checkers to website speed checkers Small SEO Tools really does have a great deal to offer the aspiring web designer.

10) font2web.com – Create different font files for free

Why can’t all browsers work the same? Why God why? This is another issue of different browsers using different files, settings etc. So if you want o use a fancy font on your website but don’t have all the necessary files to make them work with each browser then this is the tool for your. font2web will also creates a CSS file and a demo HTML file to show you how to use on your website – using CSS @font-face.


Well if you’re still reading we hope you found this post useful. Additionally, we are happy to revisit this and keep adding to the list in an effort to share free online tools that can benefit us all. Additionally, it’s a huge thank you to those guys and girls that created these tools and shared them with the World for free. CoolPenguin salutes you.


Impetro Consulting Ltd - Another CoolPenguin Website

Impetro Consulting Ltd – Customer Review

A wonderful Customer Review

“I used CoolPenguin Web Design following a recommendation from a business associate.  I needed to create a website for my first business.  I’m good with modern technology but when I tried to design the website myself I failed miserably and needed help.  Thank goodness I turned to Kevin.  His initial advice on how it should look was really helpful.  Kevin lead me through the design stage and we’ve created a great looking site which works perfectly for my business.  Just as importantly Kevin has given me enough support that I can now grow and adapt the website without needing his input.  I’m not ready to be a web designer but I can run by business more cost effectively as a result.  After a was completed I found Kevin’s fees to be amazing value for money.  I suspect that for many business his fee may well be one of the best investments they make.”

Paul Hubbard – impetroltd.co.uk

See Impetro Consulting Ltd’s website in our portfolio

Change the Adress of a Facebook Business Page

How to Change a Facebook Page Address

Hello everyone, we’ve been asked this a number of times in the past.

How do I change the website address for my business Facebook Page

Does your Facebook address look like this –


Wouldn’t it be nice if it looked like this –


So rather than keep answering this individually, we thought we’d quickly add the answer to our growing blog.

1) Log in to your Facebook account (duh!)

2) Change the way you are using Facebook to the account that has admin rights for your Facebook Business Page

3) Click the name of the business (as oppose to home) and then select settings

4) Select Page Info from the menu on the left

5) The select edit next to the facebook web address option (as shown below)

Change the address for a Facebook Business Page


6) Then select the change web address option and voila, no more numbers. A clear and presentable address for your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Image Sizes

Facebook Image Dimensions

When setting up a new Facebook Page for your business it is key that you get both your profile image and cover photo dimensions correct.

Facebook Cover Photo -

Facebook Cover photos need to be 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. If you upload an image that’s smaller than these dimensions, it will be stretched to this larger size. The image you upload must be at least 399 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall but I that size would be stretched so far that any detail would be lost. Here is a cover photo we created for our customer led-lampsuk.com

Facebook Cover Photo - LED LAMPS UK - LEDS and BULBS

Notice how the text is spaced around the space that will be used by the profile picture and text.

To get the fastest load times for your Page, upload an sRGB JPG file that’s 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall and less than 100 kilobytes. For images with your logo or text, you may get a higher quality result by using a PNG file. Most decent graphics software like Photoshop and Illustrator will also have image optimisation settings. We will explain these in another article.

Facebook Profile Picture Size -

Page profile pictures are always displayed as a square and will be 160×160 pixels on your Page. The image you upload needs to be at least 180×180 pixels. We recommend uploading a square image. Rectangular images will be cropped to fit a square, where as larger square images will be reduced in size to display correctly. Your Page’s profile picture will also display next to your Page’s name around Facebook to represent your Page. Here is a Facebook profile picture we created to go with the cover photo above. It’s dimensions are 500 x 500 pixels and it has been optimised. However, it could easily be reduced in size to 160 x 160 pixels to increase download speeds. It has been decreased in size to 160 x 160 pixels for convenience.

Facebook Logo for LED Lamps UK - Bulbs and LEDS

You can be creative with how your Page’s profile picture and cover photo go together. On your Page, the profile picture is located 16 pixels from the left side of your cover photo and 176 pixels from the top of your cover photo.

Here is a really useful image that shows you the pixel dimensions for both the facebook cover photo and facebook profile photo

Facebook Cover Photo and Facebook Profile Photo Image Sizes


SEO Tips for 2014-2015

SEO Tips for the 2014-2015 football season

Here are Cool Penguin’s Top 10 SEO tips for the 2014-2015 Football Season

1) Time for the title – title tags are still king, it’s one of the first things google looks at. Combine them with snippets and make them sound natural.

2) Share with social media, social media is not going away and it’s gettting bigger. Share content on FB, Twitter etc to get maximum exposure.

3) Take advantage of long keywords. Short keywords like “chef” and “training” return millions of hits. But how about “training for chefs in Derbyshire and the East Midlands” it sounds more human, and returns more specific results.

4) Write in depth, long quality content. (The average site returned on Googles first page has over 2000 words!) – get blogging.

5) Use synonyms and related keywords. Make your content more relevant to end users by avoiding repeating a keyword in an effort to rank more highly. If your talking about training, include education, development, achievement, personal development, success etc.

6) Forget about keyword density, it’s so over. There is no evidence to say Google favours one density over another.

7) Write for humans, google is clever, (statement of the year just look how popular it is). Google prefers natural content written for humans not written for search engines. Just make sure robots can find it.

8) Validate, sitemap, robots and check broken back links. All a given and all remain really important.

9) Use Google ~ to find relate keywords. Add a tilde before a keyword and Google will help you by suggestion others!

10) Google+ power – it’s becoming a bigger and bigger player in the world of SEO. Get into google + to rank highly in 2014.

There’s many more SEO tips but that’s a great start for 2014-2015!

Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

The Magnificent 7 – Tips For Choosing a Domain Name

Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

People still ask us about how to name their sites. So here are –

(written to a UK based customer of course)

1)      We recommend a .co.uk (as they are linked geographically and associated with high quality businesses) or .com equally credible, but loses geographical relevance. It appears based on our research that search engine and humans tend to feel that .co.uk / .com TLDs are better quality than sites that end .biz etc

2)      Domain names without hyphens appear to rank more highly than those with in Google

3)      You should always rank number 1 (or very close to) for your business name.  This is great for customers who know your name, but this does not give you an advantage over your competitors (key words and long tail phrases – like “I need a Taxi” or “How much is it for a taxi from Derby to Nottingham” can account for hits that generate sales from people browsing the web. SEO and Adwords really needs to come in to play here.

 It is key that you consider the phrases that people will use to find your business as the site and written articles need to built around them.

4)    I would avoid names where you have identified competitors with very similar names, premier-lights.co.uk, premierlights.co.ok, premierlights.com etc, could all be direct competitors to premier-lights.com consider that when shopping for a domain name.

5)      Having your keywords in your actual domain name is really strong for Google but not always readable – www.derbytaxis.co.uk is great, but www.imbmakersandmanufacturesofpcs.com is arguably not as good.

6)      A new website will always benefit from 3rd party advertising (to get your initial hits up) online I recommend Google Adwords, it’s flexible, powerful and gives you quite a large introductory offer. Equally targeted advertising in local magazines like using 10% off vouchers can be used to generate initial interest and sales. We can build the best website in the world but getting people to it is the primary consideration.

7)      A geographical reference in your name can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how large you want your business to be ie –www.derbylighting.comwww.derbylighting.co.uk are both available. Additionally, www.derbylights.co.uk is available (these may cost a little more).

CoolPenguin Web Design Derby would love to hear other peoples thoughts on this, and if possible expand the list of tips and tricks for choosing domain names.