Is your website mobile ready?

Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

Google is changing and websites that aren’t mobile ready will begin to slip down the rankings!

What changes are Google making on April 21st?

Google are now stating that the mobile User experience will matter For SEO. While no-one knows the full list of changes that will occur on the 21st there is plenty of buzz about how web pages that are not mobile ready will be affected.

Mobile SEO Is Here

It is looking likely that organic desktop results will not be affected at this time as the new crawler will only be for mobiles.

Therefore, it looks like Google will prefer to serve websites on mobile devices with good quality content that are mobile ready, over those that have good quality content but are not mobile friendly!

From Google – “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimised for their devices,” said Google.”

Can Google Detect a Mobile Ready Website?

Yes, Google says they can detect when a website is responsive. However, Google won’t reward you for having a responsive site if it’s slow and doesn’t provide the content searchers are looking for. So, if you focus on providing a good user experience, you should be fine with these recent changes.

How do I know if my website is mobile ready?

Good question, but thankfully Google provide a free easy to use tool to check –

Turns our my site is not mobile ready, what can I do?

Leading SEO experts are warning small business owners without mobile or responsive websites are about to get hit with a major Google update on April 21 that could cost them 20 to 30% of their traffic.

But don’t panic Mr Mannering (Whooooooo for the archaic reference), quite simply contact CoolPenguin Web Design for a free no obligation chat about your options.

kevin@coolpenguin, is looking after this, so send him a quick email, or use the contact us section on this website.


Sneak Preview - Another CoolPenguin Web Design Project

Sneak Preview – Catena

We’re really pleased to announce that we are working on Catena Inspection & Engineering Services Ltd new website. If you’re from Derby you will have seen their logo on the vehicles they use.

Their original site shown below was becoming dated –

Website Project - Catena Inspection & Engineering Services  - Old Website


However, we are working on a brand new WordPress solution. We feel it’s cleaner and future proof. With over 1000 files we hope to launch the site very soon –

Website Project - Catena website preview

LED Lamps UK - LED Light Bulbs

LED Lamps UK

We are really pleased to announce that we are presently working on updating

Not only have we worked on changing the home page layout, but we have increased the number of features the site uses, added the visual base selector and the Twitter Feed and improved the site’s SEO.

So, save yourself money and save the planet…just change your lights to LED lights

LED Lamps UK - LED Light Bulbs

Sneak Preview - A new e-commerce website coming soon

Sneak Preview – New Light Shop – e-commerce website

Our forthcoming E-Commerce Website

This project is coming soon, so we wanted to give you all a sneak preview of a new e-commerce site we’re developing.

Recently we developed the website –

So the staff at NLS have now asked us to develop a shop for them. Developed in Opencart using the Journal template we are very proud to be able to offer this little sneak preview of our work –

Sneak Preview - New Light Shop's E-commerce website

Journal - The Best Opencart Template yet

The Best Opencart Template yet – Journal

As you can imagine CoolPenguin has developed a number of shops using Opencart and WordPress.

Often we will purchase an Opencart Template from Theme Forest on behalf of the user.

This not only speeds up development, but of course allows the user to get a look and feel for the shop very early on.

CoolPenguin is not affiliated with themeforest or any of the templates sold, but we do feel we should mention just how good Journal for Opencart is!

Journal - Opencart Template

Why is Journal for Opencart so good? Here’s why -

1) Firstly is affordable (let’s be honest $48 for a supported theme to bring your Opencart shop to life is not expensive. Imagine developing your own theme. It is arguably more flexible, but you have to deal with bug fixes and customer support.

2) Tried and tested, the number speak for themselves. Nearly 6000 sales and a rating of 4.89 out of 5 (98%).  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Journal - Opencart Template


3) Range of Demos – Look at the range of demos available – without tweaking a thing you have 10, yes 10 designs you can choose from and role out immediately.

10 Journal Demos


4) Documentation for the demos! – Yes DigitalAtelier has actually produced documentation for each of them demos and discusses how the pages have been made up.

See the Journal Support Documentation for demos – here

5) Well documented – The documentation in general is very good and the chaps there even added to it when we suggested something was lacking.

6) The module interface, look and feel – If you’ve seen the documentation, then you’ve seen the Journal Opencart Interface. Yes that’s true, their documentation is structure in the exact same way the module is. This makes it very easy to navigate.

7) The module interface, ease of use – you do not have to be a developer or code guru to get your Opencart shop working. Journal does all of the heavy lifting for you. You simply add your products, banners, categories and Journal asks you where you would like to put them.

8) And, their fabulous support. Don’t get me wrong they could benefit from a knowledge base or bbs to reduce their workload but my gosh, how good is their support. Remember how much you paid for their template (a mere $48) and those guys will do everything they can to get your shop working.

Seriously, we highly recommended The Journal Opencart template, and would gladly use it on on future Opencart projects.

“Five Stars from CoolPenguin Web Design -”

Journal Opencart Template - Five Stars from CoolPenguin


Here is an Opencart Shop using the Journal Template – LED Lamps UK