Beyond Bullet Points por Cliff Atkinson

Beyond Bullet Points por Cliff Atkinson
Titulo del libro : Beyond Bullet Points
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 2, 2011
Autor : Cliff Atkinson
Número de páginas : 352
ISBN : 0735627355
Editor : Microsoft Press

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Cliff Atkinson con Beyond Bullet Points

Unlock the amazing story buried in your presentation—and forget boring, bullet-point-riddled slides forever! Guided by communications expert Cliff Atkinson, you’ll walk you through an innovative, three-step methodology for increasing the impact of your presentation. Discover how to combine classic storytelling techniques with the power of visual media to create a rich, engaging experience with your audience. Fully updated for PowerPoint 2010, and featuring compelling presentation examples from classroom to boardroom, this book will help transform your presentations—and your business impact!