The Sugar Men (English Edition) por Ray Kingfisher

The Sugar Men (English Edition) por Ray Kingfisher
Titulo del libro : The Sugar Men (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : August 9, 2016
Autor : Ray Kingfisher
Número de páginas : 306
Editor : Lake Union Publishing

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Ray Kingfisher con The Sugar Men (English Edition)

Sixty-four years ago, Susannah Morgan managed to flee the horrors of the Holocaust. But the memories of that childhood ordeal have proven impossible to sweep away.

For most of her new life spent settled in sleepy North Carolina, the flashbacks have been a lonely obsession—one she has hidden from her family, and about which her heart is torn. Because for all the pain and the cruelty of those terrible years, she harbours sweet memories too, of unexpected friends who risked their own lives in order to save hers. As Susannah’s time on earth draws to a close, her innermost thoughts of those long-gone days become questions—ones that demand answers.

Against the wishes of her children, Susannah returns to Germany and the scene of unspeakable crimes. There she will come face to face with the Holocaust’s terrible, wretched legacy, and will finally make peace with the ghosts of her past.

Revised edition: This edition of The Sugar Men includes editorial revisions.