Angelique Malia

This was a surprise present to Angelique from her partner Andy. She had wanted a website for a while and somewhat to display her wonderful paintings. We liaised with Andy and produced a website we know made Angelique very happy.

Angelique’s website is –


Angelique Malia

Angelique is a Staff Nurse from Chesterfield but in her spare time has always enjoyed painting in watercolours and acrylics. She is now finding more time to enjoy her hobby which she finds very relaxing and therapeutic.

This is her brand new website where you can view her art.

Our Task


  • Starter Site
  • Surprise for Christmas!
  • Inclusion of an animated image gallery
  • Animation on the home page, showing different images
  • Elegant and clear design using plum / purple
  • The site had to be usable, pleasing to the eye and visually coherent
  • Excellent precedence, the site had to be clear, guiding the eye to the relevant areas of the site

Skills Involved


  • Photoshop
  • Lightbox
  • HTML
  • CSS