Matthew Ling Photgraphy

We must stress that CoolPenguin are not responsible for the orginal design of the site. Therefore we give credit to the original designer – Clark CX

Matthew approached Coolpenguin when he needed us to repair some elements of the site and to undertake his SEO. We were very privelidged to take one such a wonderful site, and a site representing a truly talented photographer.

Matt’s site is –


Matt Ling Photography

Matt has been a self-employed photographer for a few years now and have had some distinctly varied work, from photographing sumptuous food, disused quarries, fine-art paintings, website branding, movie premieres and weddings by the sea to photographing Ellie Goulding at a perfume launch in Shoreditch. He loves everything about his job, from getting to know potential clients over a cup of tea (redbush tea if you’ve got it) to the joy of the delivery of the final processed photographs, so If you need a Wedding PhotographerEvent Photographer, Commercial Photographer, or a Food shoot, PR event, portrait, architectural photography, interior or just about anything else photographed then you should meet.

Our Task


  • Repair Website including Contact form functionality
  • Set the website to work correctly with Facebook
  • Add a favicon
  • Undertake SEO work
  • Repair Hyperlink Damage
  • Add Google +

Skills Involved


  • Photoshop
  • WordPress
  • HTML
  • CSS