Morley Parish Council

Morley Parish Council had a website that had aged, there was nothing wrong with the website other than it had started to look very small on modern screens and that the information presented on it had become out of date. MPC asked CoolPenguin to make a website they could update that looked modern and inviting. CoolPengin also designed their brand new logo.

Their website is –


Morley Parish Council

Managed by the Parish Council the website will keep you informed about various council and community based events, inform you about all the groups that are based in Morley and also promote local businesses that you may be interested in. 

Our Task


  • Create a new website
  • Design a new logo
  • Add an animated slider
  • Ensure there was an animated gallery
  • Ensure that certain pages could be updated by the Council
  • Add RSS weather feeds

Skills Involved


  • Photoshop
  • Lightbox
  • CMS
  • RSS
  • HTML
  • CSS