SEO Services in Derby

What is SEO? – I’ll be brief

SEO is the process of improving the visibility of your website in Search Engines, either via organic/free or pay per click search results and ensuring your website is linked to other reputable and relevant websites.

“The top 10 search results account for 85% of all referral traffic”

Additionally, SEO is about ensuring your site does the right things to get noticed and avoid being penalised by any of the major search engines.

A good web designer will begin work on your SEO before he begins work on your website. He will design the proposed structure of your website, i.e. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 pages (see diagram) and how they are linked internally before beginning to construct a web site.

Website Structure - SEO
Effective SEO is time consuming and requires effort. Furthermore, you are often competing with companies who have huge online marketing budgets. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure we help you squeeze everything you can out of effective design, the use of suitable keywords and online tools such as Google Analytics and SEOBook.

A Word of Warning

Please be mindful that any company guaranteeing a place in Google’s top 10 results are often misleading. If it were that easy dedicated SEO companies wouldn’t have a market. Any professional and reputable web design specialist will not guarantee you the first page, but will show you a number of techniques on how to get there.

CoolPenguin -

  • Use state of the art online tools to help you research and select suitable keywords for your site
  • Work with you to improve your content and ensure it is SEO friendly
  • Ensure that your content and URLs include your selected keywords
  • Ensure your site is error free so that it can be crawled by all major search engines
  • Create an xml sitemap for any website
  • Ensure your site is set up with Google Analytics and if required Google Webmaster tools
  • Integrate Social media such as Google +1, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to help improve your sites visibility
  • Code meta data for each page that is unique and reflective of your business
  • Keep your site safe to ensure it is not penalised by search engines
  • Ensure content is not too thin or repetitive
  • Advise on niche keywords and oppose to generic words such as coffee, Internet or Web Design

We love this periodic table from as a great visual representation of search SEO issues.