Add a Wordpress Blog to an existing website

Add a WordPress Blog to your website

Want a Blog?

Or do you just want to replace your news section with something more functional?

Why WordPress?

By nature, WordPress is very powerful. It can be as complex or as simple as you wish. With that in mind, how much you want to use WordPress with your existing website is totally up to you. There may be only a few features of WordPress you want to use when integrating it with your site, or you may want your entire site run with WordPress.

A basic integration includes –

– A blog that matches your website
– Ability to add and delete posts
– Ability to have multiple users
– Ability to manage comments

Then of course, you have the functionality of WordPress to use thereafter.

Sometimes though, it is easier (especially if you website is not responsive) to redo the site totally in WordPress.

Should you choose CoolPenguin Web Design, we will be there to advise you on all of your options!

This service is available from £100.