Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

The Magnificent 7 – Tips For Choosing a Domain Name

Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

People still ask us about how to name their sites. So here are –

(written to a UK based customer of course)

1)      We recommend a (as they are linked geographically and associated with high quality businesses) or .com equally credible, but loses geographical relevance. It appears based on our research that search engine and humans tend to feel that / .com TLDs are better quality than sites that end .biz etc

2)      Domain names without hyphens appear to rank more highly than those with in Google

3)      You should always rank number 1 (or very close to) for your business name.  This is great for customers who know your name, but this does not give you an advantage over your competitors (key words and long tail phrases – like “I need a Taxi” or “How much is it for a taxi from Derby to Nottingham” can account for hits that generate sales from people browsing the web. SEO and Adwords really needs to come in to play here.

 It is key that you consider the phrases that people will use to find your business as the site and written articles need to built around them.

4)    I would avoid names where you have identified competitors with very similar names,,, etc, could all be direct competitors to consider that when shopping for a domain name.

5)      Having your keywords in your actual domain name is really strong for Google but not always readable – is great, but is arguably not as good.

6)      A new website will always benefit from 3rd party advertising (to get your initial hits up) online I recommend Google Adwords, it’s flexible, powerful and gives you quite a large introductory offer. Equally targeted advertising in local magazines like using 10% off vouchers can be used to generate initial interest and sales. We can build the best website in the world but getting people to it is the primary consideration.

7)      A geographical reference in your name can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how large you want your business to be ie – are both available. Additionally, is available (these may cost a little more).

CoolPenguin Web Design Derby would love to hear other peoples thoughts on this, and if possible expand the list of tips and tricks for choosing domain names.