SEO Tips for 2014-2015

SEO Tips for the 2014-2015 football season

Here are Cool Penguin’s Top 10 SEO tips for the 2014-2015 Football Season

1) Time for the title – title tags are still king, it’s one of the first things google looks at. Combine them with snippets and make them sound natural.

2) Share with social media, social media is not going away and it’s gettting bigger. Share content on FB, Twitter etc to get maximum exposure.

3) Take advantage of long keywords. Short keywords like “chef” and “training” return millions of hits. But how about “training for chefs in Derbyshire and the East Midlands” it sounds more human, and returns more specific results.

4) Write in depth, long quality content. (The average site returned on Googles first page has over 2000 words!) – get blogging.

5) Use synonyms and related keywords. Make your content more relevant to end users by avoiding repeating a keyword in an effort to rank more highly. If your talking about training, include education, development, achievement, personal development, success etc.

6) Forget about keyword density, it’s so over. There is no evidence to say Google favours one density over another.

7) Write for humans, google is clever, (statement of the year just look how popular it is). Google prefers natural content written for humans not written for search engines. Just make sure robots can find it.

8) Validate, sitemap, robots and check broken back links. All a given and all remain really important.

9) Use Google ~ to find relate keywords. Add a tilde before a keyword and Google will help you by suggestion others!

10) Google+ power – it’s becoming a bigger and bigger player in the world of SEO. Get into google + to rank highly in 2014.

There’s many more SEO tips but that’s a great start for 2014-2015!