Twitter The Best 140 Characters Ever

The Best 140 Characters Ever!

How can you make the most of your 140 Characters?

140 Characters isn’t a lot to promote your business.

So CoolPenguin felt it was time to share some key points on how to get the most out of Twitter for your business.

1) Choose a Twitter Name that is brand relevant and easy to remember.

Ours is @coolpenguinsays but to be fair if it hadn’t been taken we’d have gone for @coolpenguin.

2) Get rid of the egg and ensure your logo is used on Twitter. Don’t forget to add a cool title card as well. It is important to create brand consistency across your social media platforms.

3) Start a soon as you can, Twitter is not going anywhere.

4) Consider the boundaries of your posts, humour is good, but it can detract from your business aim. Try and create a good balance as all your tweets should not be about pushing sales.

5) Speak in proper English. Remember speaking like “c u l8tr” can create the wrong image for your business and while it saves you space it isn’t clear to everyone.

6) Twitter Karma – favourite relevant and entertaining tweets and retweet those tweets that can enhance your account. It is hoped that others with do the same for you.

7) Learn the structure of the language of twitter –

Use #hashtags to join a conversation about a specific topic

Use @coolpenguinsays to feature a specific Twitter user, or to message them directly

8) Use one or two #hashtags per tweet. Even with a low number of followers, hashtags take your tweet into a conversation for everyone looking at that topic. Maximum Exposure!

One hashtag we use is #Derby as it is where we are based. So if we have something going on locally we always use #Derby and we are surprised by the number of retweets we get.

9) Promote your Twitter handle as you would your email address. Add it to business cards, email signatures and all marketing material.

10) Be regular, but be relevant. Don’t use Twitter spuriously throwing out junk or only retweets. Create a balance between retweets and original material.

11) Link Facebook and Twitter. Yes Twitter can update your Facebook feed as well! Halve the work promoting relevant content.

12) Be social, respond to direct messages and thank people for following. It’s a chance to promote your services further and show you are human.

13) Thank your customers, and promote them if you can. A great way to network.

14) Make is shorter! Yes, try and get the length down and the content more striking.

15) Make every word count. Use words that show an action or make an impact. Avoid filler words, such as “which”

16) Don’t break up Tweets. If it needs to be longer get it on a blog.

17) It’s not all about you, get involved in your local community and relevant industry debates

18) Grammar does count, use upper and lower case and don’t be afraid to use appropriate symbols, like replacing “and” with “&” to save space

19) Don’t commit anything subjective, slanderous or illegal to a Tweet. We’ve all seen what happens to the occasional footballer. If you think it can cause offence, it will. The Twitttersphere is big and fickle.

20) Use images appropriately, they can really lift your tweets and make them stand out. A picture’s worth…. yadda yadda yadda (always wanted to say that)


So what’s a good Tweet? It’s hard to say, but we can show you good structure –

This is us promoting a customer’s services, while telling you that we wrote their website –

#derby #derbyis – need to replace your #lights with #LEDbulbs try we did their #website



This is a Tweet where we included an image –

#derby #business – did you all see our new #LogoDesign. Can you spot the hidden #penguin? Choose us for #webdesign RT




See here for the most effective tweets ever written  (But if you really want to see something funny (adult humour) look at James Blunts best Twitter Comebacks!)

Until the next time, CoolPenguin.

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