CoolPenguin's range of services

Refresh / Redesign Your Old Website

Is your website mobile ready (responsive)? Can you edit it yourself?

Websites age, often as screen resolutions increase your website decreases in size on the screen. Additionally, new features like social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) and SEO have emerged making websites more engaging to the user. One of CoolPenguin’s largest markets is modernising and refreshing existing websites. Interested, then learn more.

Startup Websites

CoolPenguin offers you a chance to get your name out on to the Internet right away with its £150 Little Blue website. Ideal for companies who need to get their name and brand on the Internet quickly – learn more.

Outsource Your Web Services

Outsourcing a website gives business owners the opportunity to focus on growing their business knowing that their website is managed by someone in the profession. Outsourcing means that you do not have to increase your staff skill base to include web design or advanced IT skills. From as little as £360 per year CoolPenguin is on hand to manage and update your website for you – learn more.

Edit your own site

CoolPenguin can fit any website with a customised CMS system that enables users to edit their own website. For as little as £110 (£60 per year afterwards) we can give you control of site content – learn more.


CoolPenguin includes a free 1 hour consultation with most of its services. However, if you would just like an experienced professional to advise on your websites, we will visit you business for £25ph (in the East Midlands). If we are required to travel further additional charges may apply.


The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been truer than on the Internet. Photographs personalise your website and allows users to familiarise themselves with you and your business. They can recognise your business before they even visit your site. CoolPenguin can organise professional photography for your business.

Email Newsletters

The email inbox is a noisy busy place for a newsletter to land. Hundreds of other emails are already on the pile, with folders, calendars and notes on all sides. So when your email does arrive, allow CoolPenguin to make sure it makes in impact.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Effective SEO is time consuming and requires effort. Furthermore, you are often competing with companies who have huge online marketing budgets. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure we help you squeeze everything you can out of effective design, the use of suitable keywords and online tools such as Google Analytics and SEOBook – learn more.

Logo and Flyer Design

CoolPenguin is proud to present its logo and flyer design service.