Outsource your website today

Outsource your website - with a website support contract

Outsourcing your website and associated web services gives business owners the opportunity to focus on growing their business knowing that their website is managed by someone in the profession.

Ideal for small to medium enterprises outsourcing means that you do not have to increase your staff skill base to include web design or advanced IT skills.

  • No requirement to train staff or have a web design team
  • Reduced costs
  • Allows business owners to focus on their core business knowing that their website is being monitored by a team of professionals
  • Website is backed up
  • Monthly report – including web site hits, SEO, and ongoing error checking and resolution
  • Changes can be provided orally or in simple text format. Our team does the rest
  • Ongoing support
  • Receive a detailed monthly report, showing hits, recommendations and work undertaken
  • Access to people to share ideas with
  • We manage all aspects of your domain name registration and hosting

Website support contracts start from as little as £360 per year.

Packages start from as little as £360 for two hours per month for a 12 month contract